Best Water Heater Brand in 2019

Introduction Of Water Heater -:

The water heater comes with the latest and advanced technology. There are some specific factors considered while purchasing the water heater.

Today I am going to tell you some awesome reviews and specifications about some best quality water heater brands. In the market, there is a lot of different types of companies delivering the water heater. But not every company provides all the required quality and specifications. Finding out the best water heater brand is very tough because of the competition in the current market situation.

So today I bring some best quality water heater brand for you. In winter and monsoon season it is hard to take a shower with cold water. Before going for a review about the water heaters you must need to consider some essential things.

  • The time taking for providing the hot water.
  • The size of the water heater is another important factor.
  • During the water heating, the heater must not consume high electricity.
  • It must be safe during heating.

These factors are very important to check the best water heater brand. Most of the peoples are thinking what is the best brand of water heater or which brand is best for water heater?

1. Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Tronic 3000 T 2.5-Gallon (ES 2.5) -:

Bosch is one of the popular companies in home appliances. This Electric mini-tank water heater is one of the best water heaters at a convenient price. The quality of this water is very high. Long-lasting and more easy to use and safe water heater. It is also easy to maintain. The dimension of this water heater is 13.75 W x 13.75 H x 10.75 D Inches.

There are three different size variant models with 2.5 Gallon, 4 Gallon, and 7 Gallon. The inner tank of this water heater comes with a glass-lined tank. This water heater comes with compact size and lightweight can be easily mounted on the wall. To reduce to get hot water in less time open the sink where it’s needed. It saves time and money as well. Having access to multiple sinks results in more time and a waste of money as well.

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2. Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater -:

The ECOsmart ECO 18 model is one of the best mid-range electric tankless water heaters. ECO 18 water heater comes with a compact design that takes very little space. Easy to use and highly durable. The outer body of this electric water is very stylish. This water heater is energy efficient. The installation of this water is simple. ECo 18 is capable to provide hot water in multiple sinks or showers.

The main feature is the digital control is on this heater provides you with setting up the temperature of the outlet water. Comparing with traditional tank heaters it takes less space. It saves the three most important things like money, energy, space. The body parts are made up of copper and stainless components. The voltage requirement is 240V. This water heater is highly recommended.

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3. Rheem 240V Heating Chamber RTEX-13 Tankless Water Heater -:

Rheem Tankless water heater is another best choice in the mid-range tankless water heater. The best energy-efficient tankless water heater. It is easy to use. The installation of this water heater is very simple. External adjustable digital thermostatic control with LED display. This water is highly durable.

Rheem water heater comes with multiple features like self-power control, LED display. 3-foot electric cable and 1/2 NPT adapters included with the Rheem tankless water heater. The voltage requirement is 240V. Rheem is one of the most popular companies in North America which manufactures heating and cooling water products. Because of tankless design, it required less space. Highly recommended this mid-range water heater.

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4. Eccotemp i12-NG Tankless Heater -:

Eccotemp i12-NG tankless water heater is another best water heater in the mid-range price. It comes with a compact design as it is a tankless water heater. The outer design is attractive with black tempered glass.

It comes with many features like LED controls in the front of this water heater, less energy-consuming. Energy-saving mode with fully automatic temperature controls. LED display controls are easy to use. It provides hot water to the whole home where more than one sink. The voltage requirement for this water heater is 120V.

The company provides a 2-year manufacturer warranty with this water heater. The dimension of this water heater is 16 x 16 x 11 inches. If you looking for the best water heater for multiple sinks in mid-range price then this water heater is a good choice.

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5. Stiebel Eltron 24 Trend Tempra, Tankless Heater -:

Stiebel is the most reputed company in the electric water heaters. The price of this water heater is high because of quality. This is one of the best top range of water heaters. The design of this water heater is compact in size. So it required less space. This water heater comes with a digital display for accurate temperature.

It also automatically controls the hot water temperature. It also saves time and energy as well. This water heater continuously delivers hot water so no run out of hot water. So this is the best choice at top range water heaters. The company provides 7 years of leakage and 3 years of parts complete warranty with this product. This water heater is highly recommended.

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6. ECOTOUCH Electric Tankless Heater -:

The Ecotouch electric tankless water heater provides instant and endless hot water entire the home. There are different features like this that control the power input depends upon the flow rate and temperature settings. There are digital displays and touch panels in front of the water heater. So it is easy to use and manage the temperature.

Inner water and electricity lines are designed separately to avoid harm or leakage. This water heater is safe and durable. The installation of this water heater takes less time and it is very simples. This water heater comes with a compact design so it takes less space. It also saving energy and time. This is a good choice in the low range water heater.


So this is the full detailed review and specifications of the best water heater brand.

7. Excel Pro Tankless Gas Water Heater -:

This is the tankless and powerful water heater. The size of this heater is compact than any other water heater. So it will take less space. Excel Pro water heater delivers 140000 BTU per hour. Excel pro water heater comes with a digital display. You can set output temperature and water flow with the help of a digital display.

If you plan to install a 40-gallon heater, then this energy-saving mode is a better option because it can do everything a proper 40-gallon model would and still consume less energy and space.

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8. Westinghouse WER040C2X055N06 Electric Water Heater -:

Westinghouse electric water heater is best for households consists of 4 to 5 peoples. This electric water heater manufactured by high-quality stainless steel. Durable components, low standby heat losses, and high recovery rates make this water heater one of the best heater. Westinghouse water heater delivers 64 gallons of hot water in the first hour. This water heater comes with 5500 Watt power.

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9. Hyperikon Tankless Electric Water Heater -:

Hyperikon electric water heater is also a good choice. The heat capacity of this water heater is 87732 BTU. The minimum water flow required for activation is 0.85 GPM. The main thing in this water heater is safe and certified. It provides an unlimited flow of hot water. This water heater comes with a digital control panel. You can set and control the temperature by help of this digital panel. Hyperikon tankless water heater is the best choice as a water heater.

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10. Camplux Tankless Water Heater -:

The Camplux CM264 tankless water heater is designed for small to the medium hot water production. This is very easy to use a tankless water heater. It comes with an exclusive digital display. You can easily control the temperature with the help of controls. Don’t keep any flammable items near the water heater. The Camplux 2.64 GPM tankless gas water heater supplying instant hot water, ideal for an apartment, small homes, and cabins.

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